(Please understand that Ned has a rare form of Tourette Syndrome. Instead of spouting involuntary expletives, Ned involuntarily spouts bad jokes.)


Q: What do you call the atmosphere around a milk farm?

A: Dairy air

Q: What do you call a blemish on an egg?

A: An exit

Q: What do you call a gifted and talented egg?

A: Exceptional

Q: What do you call an odd egg?

A: Eccentric

Q: What do you call an attractive bottom?

A: Assets

Q: How do you feel when you rub an egg against your wool sweater?

A: Ecstatic

Q: When the vehicle carrying the coffin breaks down, what do you do?

A: Rehearse

Line 1: A E I O U

Line 2: O U I E A

Q: How do you explain the difference between Line 1 and Line 2

A: A vowel movement

Q: What,do,you,call,someone,who,overuses,commas?