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Ned Cosby was born in Key West, Florida in 1954. Ned is a Coast Guard veteran. Retired from teaching English and Christian ministry, Ned now contributes to American Thinker and has written two books. One is a novel called OUTCRY. The other is a memoir called Recollections from My Father’s House. Both are available on Amazon. He is married and has four adult children.

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I started writing while earning my high school degree at Severna Park High School (1968-1972). One of my teachers, Ms. Aimee Wiest, saw potential in my writing and encouraged me to join Impulse, the school’s literary magazine.

After completing my BA in Education at the University of Maryland in 1977, I served for three years as an officer in the Coast Guard. During that period, a good friend and fellow officer told me about his faith in Jesus. I resisted a bit at first, but his integrity and conduct eventually won me over. When I realized Jesus that was calling me too, I followed.

While I was finishing my Coast Guard obligations, I volunteered to help the Youth Minister at my church. When he decided to leave to attend seminary, the church asked me to take over as a part-time Youth Minister. I thank God for that first ministry opportunity.

After leaving the Coast Guard, I enrolled in Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina. After earning my M.Div in 1983, I began a ministry of starting new churches. But I left that ministry in 1990 when my marriage ended.

The trauma of separation and divorce became a time of wandering in the wilderness for me. But God never left me and slowly I began to recover, with the help of many good people He sent my way. In August 1993, I began teaching.

For 23 years I enjoyed hanging out with great writers like Shakespeare, Dickens, Fitzgerald, Steinbeck, Hemingway, Lee, Coelho, and Chaucer as a high school English teacher. I love their works and did my best to help my students appreciate them, too. I wrote some of the stories contained in Recollections from My Father’s House during this period, but did not publish them.

During those 23 years I also moonlighted as a pastor, a produce driver, and marine construction worker. I wrote and delivered many sermons during the years I served as a pastor. In 2016, I retired and began to concentrate on my writing.

Recollections from My Father’s House is my memoir of my journey growing up. I am the third of my parents’ four children. We moved seven times as I grew up, making me an American nomad. My memoir contains nearly ninety episodes from my life.

OUTCRY is my novel inspired partly by The Keepers and Spotlight. Both of these well-known investigations describe efforts by journalists and volunteers to focus attention on the sexual abuse of Catholic young people by members of the Catholic clergy. My interest in this topic also stems from an episode from my youth when I was sexually abused. My abuser was not a member of the clergy. My novel is an attempt to offer solutions to end this poisonous cancer in human history. As I wrote OUTCRY, I tried to focus light on the sexual abuse of the young just as Harriet Beecher Stowe focused light on slavery in Uncle Tom’s Cabin in 1852.

I confess that I am also an opinionated political nerd, interested in local, national, and international news. Many of my letters to the editor on a variety of topics can be found in the Annapolis, Maryland newspaper, The Capital. More recently, I have become a frequent contributor to the American Thinker.


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